Purple Clay Yixing Tea Cups

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This pair of Yixing tea cups are made from the rare Qing Shui Ni clay, a purple clay only found in the city of Yixing in Jiangsu province, China.

Wonderful tea cups to accompany the Yixing teapot, sold separately. 

Excellent choice for Oolong or Dark teas.  It's recommended to boil your new tea cups in clean water before first use and to dedicate one tea style to your tea cups.  These unglazed tea cups will become "seasoned" with the type of tea you steep in it.  

The 2 cups are 1.25" tall and 2" diameter.

Matching teapot is available to purchase separately.


Cleaning and Care
We recommend cleaning your new tea ware throughly before using it to assure there aren't any small particles in it which can affect your tea.
~Carefully rinse all surfaces with warm water, no detergent.
~Use a container bigger than your tea ware, line it with a towel, and fill it with hot or boiling water.
~Submerge your tea ware including the lid in the water and let sit for 10+ hours.
~Repeat the process with clean fresh water.
~Carefully rinse off all pieces then lay out to dry with lid tilted or off.
~It's ready to use once it's dry!

Note: Avoid using soap or detergent to clean your clay tea ware.  The clay will absorbs the soap's scent and affects the flavor of your tea.  Simply remove the tea leaves, use warm water to rinse, use your fingers to gently rub away any potential stains especially the spout, then allow to air dry on a towel.