Ohmi Tsuchiyama Sencha

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Sencha is a Japanese green tea produced by steaming the leaves to halt the oxidation process.  The leaves are then rolled, shaped, and dried in contrast to Chinese green teas which are pan-fired to stop the leaves from oxidizing before drying. 

Ohmicha (Ohmi Tea) is the name for the teas produced in Shiga Prefecture, which is east of the Kyoto Prefecture.  Among them, the one that boasts the greatest volume of production is Tuchiyamacha grown and harvested in Tsuchiyama, a town located in the southeast of the prefecture.  The tea, known as Ohmi Tsuchiyama Tea, has great prestige and is loved by many for its rich flavor and fragrance, which are brought about by the rich nature, plentiful sunshine, and beautiful water and air from the surrounding Suzuka mountains.

Grassy, Bold, Vegetal

Tea Tips

~Brew with a water temperature of 160-170°F (71-76°C) for 60 seconds
~It is common to rebrew a sencha multiple times
~Increase steepings by 10 seconds for each additional infusion