Yellow Mountain Mao Feng

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Ranked consistently near the top of China's "Top Ten Teas" List, Yellow Mountain Mao Feng is particularly beloved for the fact that it has little to no bitterness - an unusual trait for a green tea.  A brewed cup will start with a fresh, floral fragrance reminiscent of magnolias and honeysuckle.  Lightly sweet with hints of apricot, Yellow Mountain provides a clean and smooth drinking experience; perfect for those who love the flavors of green tea, without the characteristic grassy bitterness.

Sweet, Light, Vegetal

Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 176°F (80°C) for 2-5 minutes.

The full translation of this tea means "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak"; named after the Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain this tea originates from, and the fact that small "hairs" cover the exterior of the tea leaves. This protective layer helps the tea to repel water, which is why we recommend steeping for longer than usual for a green tea. This is especially true when attempting multiple steeping's, as the flavor of this tea gradually becomes harder to extract.