Jasmine Dragon Pearl White

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Our Premium Jasmine Pearl Tea starts with tender white leaves and buds that are meticulously hand-rolled into small pearls. Following traditional tea scenting processes, the pearls are mixed with fresh jasmine blossoms until they have absorbed the fragrant essence of the flowers, providing a sweet and aromatic depth to the tea. The blossoms are then removed by hand, leaving the smooth and creamy pearls infused with a full and heady jasmine scent.


Smooth, Velvety, Floral


Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 160-176°F (71-80°C) for 2-3 minutes.  It can be steeped up to 4 times.

When choosing between this Jasmine Pearl Tea and our traditional Jasmine Green Tea, we recommend the Pearls if you are looking for a more subtle tea flavor but a stronger jasmine flavor!