Peony White

Peony White

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Peony White tea is one of the most widely loved and common white teas on the market, and we've made sure to provide a Peony White that is totally different from the competition. Unlike the extensively available versions that are made using large-scale, industrialized methods, our Peony White is sourced from the farmers of the Taimu Mountain in Fuding, China. Here, the tea is made from unopened silvery buds and small leaves that are gently withered via traditional sun-dried methods - this yields a refreshing, easy-drinking tea full of soft fruit flavors and a lingering, sweet aftertaste.


Smooth, Mellow, Fresh


Tea Tips


Brew with a water temperature of 150-160°F (65-76°C) for (1-2) minutes
30 second increase time for additional infusions.
A second steeping still contains a lot of flavor, so save your leaves and rebrew if desired.