Mandokoro Hand Picked Sencha

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Sencha is a Japanese green tea produced by steaming the leaves to halt the oxidation process.  The leaves are then rolled, shaped, and dried in contrast to Chinese green teas which are pan-fired to stop the leaves from oxidizing before drying. 

Each new shoot of this tea was carefully picked by hand. Nowadays, tea-harvesting is usually done by machine so hand-picking tea is a very prized method only conducted in the harvesting of high-grade tea and during festivals. This tea is made from first flush leaves which are the first picked tea leaves of the season. This is a tea with a rich, flavorful taste borne from carefully examined tea leaves, brimming with delicateness and imbued with the passion of its producer.

Grassy, Bold, Vegetal

Tea Tips

~Brew with a water temperature of 160-170°F (71-76°C) for 60 seconds
~It is common to rebrew a sencha multiple times
~Increase steepings by 10 seconds for each additional infusion