Dragon Well

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Long Jing Tea, also known as "Dragon Well" by its literal translation, is typically considered the national drink of China, and for good reason. You can recognize Dragon Well by its large, whole, flat leaves that appear smooth and perfectly flattened. This is the result of "pan-firing"; a highly-skilled shaping technique performed in a hot wok, perfected in China by tea masters across multiple centuries. It is particularly renowned not only for its appearance, but also its distinctive flavor. Complex and multi-layered, Dragon Well presents itself with an inviting aroma of toasted hazelnuts, and a delicately mellow flavor with a sweet aftertaste.


In fact, this tea is so popular that it is frequently presented to visiting heads of state as a national gift. A fraction of its production is even reserved for many of today's top leaders!


Nutty, Mellow, Sweet, Toasty


Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 176°F (80°C) for 1-3 minutes


The unorthodoxly large size of Dragon Well's leaves can make it difficult to fit them into traditional tea strainers and filters. In order to maximize flavor and utilize the entire leaf, it is recommended to carefully break the longer leaves you are using into two or three pieces prior to steeping.