Keemun Black (Qi Men)(祁门)

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Keemun originated in and is named after Qi Men county of Anhui province; it is still produced primarily in Anhui, both in Qi Men and other counties. It is also produced in bordering Hubei, and more recently has also been produced in Taiwan and Fujian. Keemun is a relatively new tea, in contrast to both green teas which have a longer history in Anhui, and black teas which have a longer history in other regions. Its red-brown infusion features a deep, winey quality, with a slightly sweet juiciness. Because of these qualities, Keemuns are often compared to Burgundy wines.


Deep, Earthy, Crisp


Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 190-200°F (88-93°C) for (3-5) minutes