Moonlight White

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Moonlight white is an intriguing tea; there are conflicting accounts on how this tea got its name. Some legends say it is dried and withered in the moonlight, while others say it is exclusively picked at night. We believe it is thanks to the striking appearance of its leaves - dark on one side, and pale with silvery hairs on the other. No matter what, you can’t go wrong with its delicious, full-bodied taste. Moonlight white is grown from a particular cultivar of the tea plant, of the long-leafed Assamica cultivar, that has leaves covered in silver hair. Because of the large leaf size and production method involving natural withering and air-drying, this tea tends to have greater levels of oxidation and thus a darker color than white teas made from smaller-leafed cultivars. The partial oxidation resulting from large leaf size and natural withering without heating is shared in common between this tea and other white teas such as shou mei and to a lesser degree, white peony.


Mellow, Sweet, Floral

Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 150-160°F (65-76°C) for (1-2) minutes
30 second increase time for additional infusions.
A second steeping still contains a lot of flavor, so save your leaves and rebrew if desired.