White Bud Pu'erh

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White Bud Pu'erh is an excellent choice for those new to fermented teas.  It is also a lovely tea for white tea lovers looking for a change of pace.  White Bud Pu'erh is not your conventional white tea.  It is composed entirely of pure, delicate and bright white buds that are processed in the traditional manner of a Pu'erh tea; picked, withered, pan fired, and sun dried. This produces a tea with a sweet and malty flavor profile that is more complex and assertive than the ordinary white tea, but lacks the bitterness commonly associated with other Pu'erh teas.


Sweet, Malty, Mellow 


Tea Tips

The tough and water-resistant exterior of these buds means that we can use hotter that usual water for a white tea. Use 195-212F water then steep for 2-3 minutes.