Man Zuahn Raw Pu'erh (2009)

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This is a dark tea or ''Pu'erh" from China.  Most teas are consumed soon after production to retain their flavor, Pu'erh teas are aged and refined like wine.  They undergo a fermentation process where microbes act on the tea leaves over time, causing the leaves to darken and the flavor to change, becoming smoother. Depending on the conditions and environment of aging, the taste can transform through various stages of being fruity, nutty, grassy, herbal and earthy. The liquor itself varies and can be a clear and mellow yellow to an earthy bright red-brown.  Each re-brewing of the leaves will change its character and flavor with each cup, and the Pu'erh leaves can be re-brewed many times, each resulting in a slightly different cup of tea.


Earthy, Bold, Floral


Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 200°F (93°C) for 5-10 seconds

The shorter the period of brewing the more brews you will get and the less overwhelming and earthy the flavor of the tea will be. If you follow this method you should be able to get 10-20 brews out of one cup of tea.