Blue Butterfly Pea Flower

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Butterfly pea flower tisanes gains its distinctive tint from the deep blue color of the petals that has made the plant a popular dye for centuries.  One of the unique aspects of the tea is its ability to change its color.  Add a small amount of lemon juice, acidity, to change the pH level of the tea and will turn pink.  Add more to make it purple.  

The mild flavor of the flower allows it to flexibly add color to other teas.  We suggest it as addition to one of our hibiscus or lemon blend teas.  Or enjoy this tea hot or cold on its own with or without your choice of sweetener.  The flowers can be used as a natural food dye for your baking as well! 


Floral, Earthy, Woody


Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 212 °F (100 °C) for 30 seconds-2 minutes.  The longer it's brewed, the darker blue it will get.