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A classic green tea, Gunpowder has a strong and unique flavor profile that derives from its intricate production process. It all starts with long, high-grade leaves that are picked, withered and steamed before being tightly hand-rolled into small pellet shapes to prepare for drying. The size and shape of these tiny pellets hold a similar appearance to gunpowder - hence the name! Hand-rolling the tea not only makes it less vulnerable to breakage, but also helps the leaves retain more of their natural flavor and aroma, increasing the freshness and shelf life of the tea. Gunpowder has a vaguely smoky and floral aroma, with a refreshingly brisk body followed by hints of a caramel aftertaste.

Vegetal, Brisk, Floral

Tea Tips

Brew with a water temperature of 160-170°F (71-76°C) for 3 minutes

Since the whole tea leaf is used in Gunpowder's production, the pellets will gradually unfurl when steeped. You are able to extract more flavor from the leaves once they are fully unraveled, which is why it is not uncommon for the second and third steeping's of this tea to be even more flavorful than the first.