Asamiya Early Summer Sencha

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This sencha from the Shiga region in Japan was harvested in early summer and is a super premium tea.  This tea is refreshing and relatively light. Located in Shiga Prefecture, just north-east of the famous Uji-tea producing areas, Uji-Tawara and Wazuka, Asamiya shares with “Uji teas” land that is renowned for senchas. When tea seeds were introduced to Japan, they were first planted at Toganoo. These seeds were later spread in Uji, which became the site to produce the highest quality of tea leaf in Japan.

Sencha is a Japanese green tea produced by steaming the leaves to halt the oxidation process.  The leaves are then rolled, shaped, and dried in contrast to Chinese green teas which are pan-fired to stop the leaves from oxidizing before drying. 

Grassy, Bold, Vegetal 


Tea Tips

~Brew with a water temperature of 160-170°F (71-76°C) for 60 seconds
~It is common to rebrew a sencha multiple times
~Increase steepings by 10 seconds for each additional infusion